Monday, May 25, 2009

oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

i just checked uitm's website..
guess what?????
my result will be out dis 11th of june. Gosh. I dont know what to feel or to think. im scared!!!\
my bb..
he has to go for his internship..
at pj..
gonna miss him..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

HIS birthday!!

i celebrated his birthday yesterday..
his 20..
and im officially 1 year younger than him..
it was ok..
i baked a cake for him..
his favourite chocolate cake..
i gave him a handmade card..
with present of course..
what is it?
just a hugo boss perfume..
not that expensive..
of course it is genuine..

Monday, May 18, 2009

i became a mother!!!

my cat just delivered 3 cute kittens..
it's been a long time since i had kitty2..
i really love kittens..
i have 5 kitten dolls in my collection..
my bf did give 2..
because i cried..
when my cat died..
my dad accidentally hit her...
he gave me the cat doll n said.."u don't have to cry anymore because this cat won't die"
isn't he sweet?
his mine ok.
till then..
where is the pic of my collection?? Coming soon....

what did i do????????

i did something..
Something that cost me nearly 200..
something good..
something that make me beautiful..(ya rite)
something that can change me..
something that i love..
guess it>>>>

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


sorry lil diary.. Got busy lately..hmm. i am fasting today and break my fast with mcd. all time favourite! I went to Gurun to day wit my dad, my sister just ordered 14 boxes of Harum Manis. Cost nearly 500! She wanted to give them to her friends back in Segamat. Come on.. We should be proud of what our state have right. I miss HIM. My BB of course.. Hm.. Later.. DAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sharing My Mother's day Celebration..

Haha.. Eating at Old Town(Fav!)
Homemade Cupicakes (Mommy Love It!)

Using English Does Not Make You Less MALAY..

This is why I started to blog. I know that im so left behind but better late than never right? Well, I'm majoring in English,definitely NOT TESL and minor in business. Interesting huh? I think so. Thus, since i live in the Malay speaking world, I need to do something to improve on my English. I'm not really good in the language anyway but I can speak English. Not as flawless and fluent as the native speaker though.What should I do? Apart from using English in my daily conversation, i also have to read. Enjoying the shopah0lic series right now! Sophie Kinsella rulez! but.. I also have to write something. So.. here i am. New blogger reported for duty!I need to do something for myself in order to excel and i cannot achieve that by just sitting around,digging my nose in front of the TV(never did that!haha!), right? Honestly, sometimes i feel like going abroad to the foreign countries where the people there are only using English. So, i definitely have to force myself to speak the language. But i don’t have the penny. so shut up De!Stop dreaming and keep moving!I am here in Malaysia!So.. Come on!Using English Does Not Make You Less MALAY..