Monday, July 13, 2009

ExtRa HePi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-sunday dayout-

we went sunway first we wanted to watch the movies but the line was very long. Then we decided to bowl. I am not good at it! neither do him..but definitely he lied because he won both of the the first round..Last place..yay me!For second round..second place.not bad..hehe..Then we went to jusco a.k.a my favourite place to shop. I choce clothes for him. he bought me a very nice dress from dream dress actually..i was very happy!!!he bought me a shoes as well..happy again..heeeeeeeeeeeee..big smile on my face..hm2..damn tired n my feet felt like losing..but it was worth u again and again! weate at kfc for lunch and took away wendy's for dinner. At my apartment, he helped me to bulit my cupboard(the old 1 broke down). So many clothes..haahaah..he was good at it..thanx again dear..i dont know what to say..i love him more and more....haih.......

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  1. this is my new blog..before this i already have..but i forgot the password..ur soo sweet my princess...